SELANK TP-7 Peptide


Selank, a synthetic peptide, has shown potential benefits in various areas. It has been associated with reduced anxiety symptoms, improved memory storage, and decreased depression symptoms. Additionally, Selank may have antioxidant properties.

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SELANK TP-7 Peptide

Known names: TP-7, Semax-2, Selanc, Selankin.


The field of biotechnology has experienced significant growth, leading to the exploration of various biologically-active compounds, including substances known as “cognitive enhancers” or “nootropics.”

One such compound is Selank, which was previously referred to as “TP-7.” Selank belongs to a class of molecules called synthetic peptides, which are artificially-designed proteins known for their therapeutic potential.

Selank has gained popularity for its perceived anti-anxiety effects and its potential to improve learning and increase energy levels without causing side effects or addiction risk.

Developed through a collaboration between the Institute of Molecular Genetics (Russian Academy of Sciences) and the V.V. Zakusov Research Institute of Pharmacology (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), Selank is a small synthetic peptide derived from the combination of tuftsin, a naturally-occurring peptide, and a sequence that enhances its molecular stability. Tuftsin is an integral part of the natural antibody IgG.

Both tuftsin and Selank have been shown to possess anxiolytic properties and increase serotonin levels in rats, with Selank exhibiting slightly stronger effects.

Selank has been approved in Russia for the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and as a nootropic. However, it has not received approval from the FDA for any specific conditions. Nonetheless, Selank is available in several countries, often marketed as a “nutritional supplement.”

Mechanism of Action:

Although the exact mechanisms of Selank are not fully understood, it is believed to act by stabilizing enkephalins in the blood. Enkephalins are natural peptides that counteract the stress response in the body.

However, a study in mice did not demonstrate the expected stabilization of enkephalins following Selank administration, and the treated mice did not show significant “anti-anxiety” effects.

Some cell studies suggest that Selank may bind to GABA receptors, which are involved in sedation. In mice treated with Selank, increased activity in inhibitory neurons dependent on GABA was observed, resulting in reduced overall brain activity, potentially leading to sedative effects.

Moreover, Selank has been reported to increase the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a compound involved in brain growth, learning, and memory. This mechanism may contribute to Selank’s cognitive effects.

Selank has also been shown to influence the levels of neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin in mice, which are associated with motivation, focus, and pleasure. However, the effects and mechanisms of Selank on these neurotransmitters remain unclear, as different studies have yielded conflicting results.

Potential Benefits:

Anxiety: Preliminary clinical trials and studies in patients with anxiety disorders suggest that Selank may reduce anxiety symptoms and improve outcomes in individuals with pre-existing anxiety disorders.

Memory: Animal studies indicate that Selank may stabilize memory traces in rats, potentially enhancing memory storage. However, the effects of Selank on memory in healthy humans require further research.

Brain Damage Recovery: Selank supplementation in rats with toxin-induced brain damage reportedly restored brain activity to normal levels. However, human studies are needed to validate these findings.

Depression: Selank has shown promise in reducing depression symptoms in mice, particularly at lower doses.

Antioxidant Activity in the Liver: Animal studies suggest that Selank may increase antioxidant levels in the liver of stressed mice.

Blood Flow: Animal studies indicate that Selank may temporarily decrease blood pressure and increase blood flow to the brain in sedated cats. The clinical significance of these effects in humans is uncertain.

Alcohol Withdrawal: Selank has been shown to reduce anxiety during alcohol withdrawal in rats.

Weight Gain and Cholesterol: Animal studies suggest that Selank may help prevent weight gain and reduce total cholesterol levels in rats fed a high-fat diet.

Cancer: In animal studies, Selank slowed tumor growth and increased lifespan in mice with breast cancer. However, further research is needed to determine its potential as an anticancer therapy.

Inflammation in the Spleen: Selank has been reported to increase the expression of inflammatory response genes in the spleens of mice, potentially offering protection against inflammation-related harm.

Ulcers: Animal models suggest that Selank may reduce the size of stomach ulcers, possibly by increasing lymph flow to the stomach. Additional research is needed to confirm these effects in humans.

Immune Function: Selank has demonstrated immune-modulating effects, including increased levels of IL-6 (an inflammatory protein) in patients with depression and the stimulation of interferon release (anti-viral molecules) in cell-based studies. However, the anti-viral benefits of Selank require further investigation.

It’s important to note that while some preliminary findings suggest potential benefits of Selank in certain areas, more comprehensive research is needed to validate these effects in humans. If you’re considering Selank for any specific condition, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional and not rely solely on self-medication or supplementation.

The recommended dosage for Selank administration is typically between 100 to 500 micrograms (mcg) per day. It is advised to adjust the dosage based on the desired effects you wish to achieve. Higher doses are associated with stronger anxiolytic effects, while lower dosages may provide more acute cognitive benefits. It is important to carefully titrate the dosage to find the optimal balance for your specific needs.


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